Best Software Development Company in Dhaka Bangladesh

Octopi Technology is a custom software development destination that specializes in made software on a variety of technology platforms. We proud ourselves on our ability to craft the perfect custom program that will optimize your company’s for the next age. We have been providing the best quality software solution to our clients still now. The best leading software development company in Bangladesh, we have served leading corporate entities from home and abroad about their different needs with most industry-oriented customized solutions. In terms of the affordable, highest quality of work and customer support, Octopi Technology is the clients’ first choice.

Software Development Process And Management

Are you want to make mordant software? In each project, we perform UX and UI design; make architecture as well as run coding, integration, and deployment. We run the overall project management and report to you on the progress of each project.

Discover Our Methodology and Approach To Work

We work according to a wide range of development methodologies, including Agile and DevOps, and apply CI/CD approaches to speed up software delivery. Focusing on iterative development, we can deliver the first version of a new application within 6-9 months since the project ramp-up and provide further enhancements every 2-6 weeks. Our developers are always enthusiastic about new technologies and non-trivial architectures to maximize the value that the developed applications bring to your business, however, focusing on software reliability first. While our account managers ensure and report on the compliance of the whole project pipeline with your strategic software development goals.

Software Consulting Services

Software Consulting Services

With high experience in software engineering, we provide entire consulting services undertaking a comprehensive analysis of your existing system, mapping out your plan on the introduction of new components, and show the way you in the complex software world. For us, it’s important to find the right solution that is flexible and cost-effective and perfectly corresponds to your business goals and IT strategy. We take into consideration the size of your business, your industry, the objectives you pursue, tasks you want to carry out, challenges you run into and help you save money, make money, and streamline your business operations with wisely deliberated software solutions.

Custom Software Development

Octopi Technology delivers high-grade software in Bangladesh of clients – from Fortune 97 companies to mid-sized businesses. We are very experienced in IT, expertise across various technology stacks and in more than 10 industries, we can help you to solve complex challenges with reliable and agile digital solutions.
Software Development Outsourcing – on Target, on Budget

Software Development Outsourcing – on Target, on Budget

If you lack internal software development resources or expertise to support your business growth or digital transformation initiatives, Octopi Technology is ready to take over your development projects and ensure the effectiveness and transparency of our cooperation.

Outsourced Software Product Development Services

Distinguished by its discerning business analysis, conversion-driven UI/UX design, well-honed CI/CD practices, and balanced product evolution, Octopi Technology offers all-round and self-managed outsourced product development services.

Outsourced software development