Mobile Apps Development Company in Bangladesh

Octopi Technology specializes in developing multiplatform mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android. Along with developing publicly available apps via the Apple App Store or Google Play, we can also develop the custom business apps addressing your specific business process. Octopi Technology has used skillful employ and updates technology for your developing app that will be attractive and intuitive. Octopi Technology is known as an expert android app developer company in Dhaka Bangladesh. It’s the age of the Smartphone. Now People want to access everything via smart devices and also want to get it all done online such as buying and selling products and services, business deals, shopping and even for groceries people use smartphones now. Each business should have a mobile app to get more and more traffic and more sales so that more people can reach via smartphone. Statistics say that business with mobile app sells much better than a business without a mobile app. Are you a businessman and looking for the best mobile app developer to develop a mobile app for your business in BangladeshOctopi Technology can help you. Octopi Technology has the best mobile app developer team in Bangladesh. iPhone application development is another popular service of Octopi Technology. This mobile app development company is an expert at custom mobile applications on both android and iOS.


iOS App Development Services

The number of people who own Apple iPhones is increasing year over year. You recently want to offer your unique solution to this huge user base! Octopi Technology develops iOS apps for iPhones and iPads using the Swift and Objective-C programming languages and Apple’s own development tools and guidelines.

Android App Development

Are you know that Android users show higher brand loyalty than iOS users? An Android app will certainly pay off! Our expert team does Android mobile application development from scratch and can port your existing iOS application to Android. We use Java and Kotlin and new technology to build apps for Google’s world-champion operating system.

React Native App Development

We build the best platform apps that run on both iOS and Android from a single code base. Code written in React Native is operating system–agnostic, get apps written in React to feel just like native apps written by Java or Swift. Using React Native speeds up mobile app development for Android and iOS.

AR App Development Services

Augmented reality offers high possibilities for customer engagement – and not only for entertainment. Octopi Technology builds context-aware AR apps that use location data to improve the usefulness of retail, travel, and other applications. We implement 3D features in apps using the ARKit and ARCore frameworks.

  • Feasibility: Our expert’s teams discuss the objectives of the client and draft an application blueprint. We give Ideas from the client are also taken while creating a rough draft of the custom application
  • API Management: Our expert developers follow a strict policy pertaining to the use of components across platforms. It makes it easier to maintain applications and extend functionality.
  • User Experience: The main function of a custom application is to switch a website while providing all the functions of the later. We will sure that the application loads up fast is easy to use and is also visually appealing.
  • Methodology: Developing cross-platform applications is difficult as toolkits vary from one ecosystem to another. Imparting consistency to the application across multiple platforms is need.
  • Security: Mobile devices, especially smartphones are extremely vulnerable to hacking. Encryption tools and the ability to wipe data remotely are must-have in applications.
  • Testing: The first and final phase of custom application development includes extensive testing of all the features while keeping a tab on the safety of the end-user. Access times are also taken into consideration during testing.