Email & Chat Support with best quality:

Thinking to have a good email & live chat service? Intendent to enhance sales volume? We are here to help your business convalesce and make your customers pleased by delivering outstanding customer care services. We are one of the best for email and live chat service providers offering our solutions to global organizations.

Why we and no other email and live chat service providers?

Our company has a prosperity of experience in providing quality e-mail, call center and live chat answering services for websites, small companies, and big enterprises. Our professionalism and personalized approach yields results every time we set to work.

Why is our email and live chat customer service so vital for your business?

Today, when it goes about customer support through email and live chat becomes No.1 users’ choice. It has a range of advantages over other channels that clients use to engage with business. It is quick, serves customers in real time and can be a powerful tool to convert users into buyers or satisfy requests of standing clients.

Why Octopi

  • Well-trained staffs experience in managing email and live chat requestsLive support solution that perfectly suits your client needs
  • Live support solution that perfectly suits your client needs
  • 24 hour 7-day working schedule
  • Cost-effective service that lets you save on system maintenance and training staff
  • Tracking website activity and clear analytics
  • Proven sales boost, increase of customer loyalty and satisfaction rates
  • Live chat management is our strength